First Package (9 September 2015)
– Boost industrial competitiveness through deregulation
– Curtail red tape
– Enhance law enforcement & business certainty

Second Package (30 September 2015)
– Interest rate tax cuts for exporters
– Speed up investment licensing for investment in industrial estates
– Relaxation import taxes on capital goods in industrial estates & aviation

Third Package (7 October 2015)
Cut energy tariffs for labour-intensive industries

Fourth Package (15 October 2015)
– Fixed formula to determine increases in labour wages
– Soft micro loans for > 30 small & medium, export-oriented, labour-intensive business

Fifth Package (22 October 2015)
– Tax incentive for asset revaluation
– Scrap double taxation on real estate investment trusts
– Deregulation in Islamic banking

Sixth Package (5 November 2015)
– Tax incentives for investment in special economic zones

Seventh Package (12 December 2015)
– Speed up transfers of funds to the village level
– Boost infrastructure development in the villages

Eighth Package (21 December 2015)
– Investment deregulation

Ninth Package (2016)


  1. Stabilization of macroeconomic through fiscal and monetary policy (including control of  inflation).
  2. Controlling price of basic commodity such as food and fuel.
  3. Improving use of biodiesel to reduce import of fuel and increase export price of palm oil.
  4. Accelerating use of village fund for development of labour-based project and increase allocation of ‘beras sejahtera’ (rice for welfare).
  5. Accelerate government expenditure and promoting the use of budget as driver of growth.