Economic Policy Package Indonesia:

What are the Stimulus Measures

Indonesia’s 7th Economic Stimulus Package: Focus on the Village Economy

First Package (9 September 2015)
– Boost industrial competitiveness through deregulation
– Curtail red tape
– Enhance law enforcement & business certainty

Second Package (30 September 2015)
– Interest rate tax cuts for exporters
– Speed up investment licensing for investment in industrial estates
– Relaxation import taxes on capital goods in industrial estates & aviation

Third Package (7 October 2015)
Cut energy tariffs for labour-intensive industries

Fourth Package (15 October 2015)
– Fixed formula to determine increases in labour wages
– Soft micro loans for > 30 small & medium, export-oriented, labour-intensive business

Fifth Package (22 October 2015)
– Tax incentive for asset revaluation
– Scrap double taxation on real estate investment trusts
– Deregulation in Islamic banking

Sixth Package (5 November 2015)
– Tax incentives for investment in special economic zones

Seventh Package (12 December 2015)
– Speed up transfers of funds to the village level
– Boost infrastructure development in the villages.

Eighth Package (21 December 2015)
– Investment deregulation