What should be prepared for overseas study?

  • University Certificate (in English, translated, photocopied, and scanned).
  • University Transcripts (in English, translated, photocopied, and scanned).
  • TOEFL or IELTS certificate (photocopied and scanned).Passport (private or service).
  • Curriculum Vitae (in English, scanned).
  • Essays (in English).
  • Research Proposal  (in English).
  • Application Letter to professor at destination university.
  • Application Form to destination university.
  • Acceptance Letter from destination university.
  • Contract with destination university.
  • Visa of destination country.


University BSc Certificate & Transcript translated in English
If you graduated from University (e.g. BSc degree) in Indonesia, it is recommended that you apply for BSc certificate and Transcript in English (translation) from your university.
(in English, translated, photocopied, and scanned).

If you would like or you plan to study overseas, it is recommended that you have TOEFL or IELTS certificate which is at minimum score for study abroad.

It is recommended that you prepare Curriculum Vitae in English. This may includes your personal information, education, employment record, other working experience, publication, theses, honours & awards, research, and brief career history.

It is also recommended that you have a passport. Some universities ask for your copy of passport (valid at least one year) as a requirement to get visa or resident permit. However, some government officers have to use service passport. Service passport can be applied if you have SETNEG Permit and Letter of Study Approval from your institutions. If you are not a government officer you only need private passport.

When you apply to a university, sometimes you need to write an essay. An essay is an article which construct a debate regarding different arguments in favour of or not in favour of a particular topic or issue. Your essay will show how deep is your knowledge in particular field.

Some universities ask for a research proposal. You need to write a brief research proposal. The proposal may include title, introduction, material and method, and references.

If you search a vacation for study overseas you may need to find a professor that would like to be your supervisor. If he/she would like to be your supervisor then he/she will sent you an acceptance letter. They will also sent you an application form to apply to the university.

University will send you a contract to be signed and send back to the university.

Then, university will ask you to send your copy of passport to get approval for visa or resident permit.

Some countries ask for certificate of birth and certificate of marriage to get long-term visa or resident permit.