is certificate trading programme recognized RSPO.

Manufacturers, retailers and other parties in the oil palm supply chain can buy RSPO certificate of smallholder certified group through GreenPalm, use GreenPalm logo and claim that they have supported sustainable products.

RSPO supply chain options
1. Identity Preserved (IP)
2. Segregated (SG)
3. Mass Balance (MB)
4. Book and Claim (BC)

GreenPalm operates the Book and Claim.

Certificate represent RSPO certified sustainable palm, palm kernel oil, and palm kernel expellers.

GreenPalm connects RSPO certified growers directly with manufacturers, retailers and other parties in the supply chain around the globe through the trade of certificates (

The Manufacturers/Retailers redeems certificates,
buy physical oil/ingredient from preferred supplier(s) at market prices,
and has right to claim that they have promoted sustainable oil palm products.
– Traceability via Off Market Deal (OMD).
– Book and Claim connects grower directly to end user.
– Grower receives premium directly.