1. To stop using natural forest areas for oil palm plantations.
2. To stop using peatland areas for oil palm plantations.
3. To stop using high conservation value areas for oil palm plantations
4. To stop using high carbon stock areas for oil palm plantations.
5. To prevent biodiversity loss.
6. To prohibit use of fire in oil palm plantations.
7. To ensure the right to use land for oil palm plantations.
8. To ensure compliance with laws and regulations (e.g. SHM, STD-B, and SPPL).
9. To impede land degradation.
10.To conserve ground and surface water.
11.To minimize water and air pollutions.
12.To mitigate GHG emission.
13.To apply good agricaltural practices
14.To obtain high productivity of palm trees.
15.To produce high quality of FFBs.
16.To improve farm profits and farmers’ income from oil palm plantations.
17.To improve the welfare of farmers and rural community.