The Second RSPO-certified Independent Smallholders in Indonesia is GAPOKTAN Tanjung Sehati.

The group started the process of certification in 2009 and finally obtained RSPO certificate in 18 June 2014, Certificate no. 824 502 14001.

GAPOKTAN Tanjung Sehati is located in Mekar Jaya Village, Merangin District, Jambi Province, Indonesia.

There are 227 farmers with 346.57 ha of oil palm plantations in this group certification.

The GAPOKTAN consists of 6 farmer groups: Sido Mulyo, Sido Makmur, Mandiri Jaya, Sido Maju, Sumber Hasil, and Kemang Jaya.

Challenges toward RSPO certification:

Legal documents:

  1. Land title (land certificate) from BPN.
  2. Business Permit (STD-B) from Regencial Estate Crop Agency.
  3. Statement of Environmental Assessment and Management (SPPL) from Regencial Environmental Agency.
  4. Legality of association (cooperative).

Organization documents:

  1. Organization AD/ART.
  2. Internal policies and standard operating procedures (SOP).
  3. Structure of organization.
  4. Activity, programme, mission and vision.
  5. Data of members, plantation map, land size, year planted, source of plant material.
  6. Data of production, sales, and tonase.
  7. Plantation management (use of fertilizer, pesticide, chemical, etc.).
  8. Waste Management (incl. B3 chemical waste).
  9. Harvesting procedures.
  10. Contracts
  11. Work risk analysis
  12. Environmental Impact Analysis


Setara. 2014. Petani Mandiri; Sudah Waktunya Berubah. Note on GAPOKTAN Tanjung Sehati, Desa Mekar Jaya, Merangin Jambi. Presentation at RSPO Workshop Training of Trainer for Smallholder Facilitator, 27-31 January 2014 Wisma SDM, Jakarta.